Spyvelo Pearl 10 Mile TT – Richard G

Clipped in, ready to start

What can I say, I saw the final reminder for this (part of the IW Cycle Fest activities) so thought I would have a go, assuming that other WWW club members would have entered. Surprise, surprise – just me!!!  I asked for early start so I was back before dark and they had all gone home.

Never having done a TT before, I estimated my time at a generous 30 minutes, assuming top riders would do around 18- 21 minutes for a 10 mile course.  With only 2 days notice, there was not long to train or to worry about it.  I could not have had a better day for it – so out to IOW Pearl I went, resplendent in my CTT authorised WWW jersey (thanks to Rich B)!

I fully intended taking it seriously and giving it my best but decided against any leg shaving or a pointy hat or inserting a dustbin lid in my rear wheel.

Yipes – I was first off – I didn’t even know how this would be done.  It turns out you are supported on your bike already clipped in – and away I went trying not to overcook it early on.  Starts were at 1 minute intervals but no one passed me until after the llamas at Chale. 

Zooming past Chale church

The bottom half of Blackgang was the usual grind.  Turning back down the hill, I found myself flying and did the whole thing in 30 mins 18 seconds.  The winner did it in 22.23 and I was only about 18 seconds off 19th place.

Well-chuffed with my time even if I was last, but I was also the oldest by at least 20 years! How did I end up in same Veterans category as Clint???

This does, however, make me club champion (for the moment at least) and I am always willing to talk to anyone who was not there to witness this folly, through the whole race as long as they buy my beer!

A never to be repeated event for me I think !!!!

The End!!